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Human Rights Awards 2021

Avi Dabush

Avi Dabush has been serving as the Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights (NIF grantee) since May 2019. With Avi at the helm, RHR’s work in the area of social and economic justice has considerably expanded, with a “Citizen’s Rights’” style centre, where members of the public can get advice about debt, benefits, public housing, and more.

Avi is a dynamic and passionate activist and community organiser who is a leading voice on a variety of social, political and environmental issues in Israel. He is a leading advocate for the needs of the periphery and the vulnerable/disempowered with a proven track record of impact.


Shatil is the action arm of the New Israel Fund. It cultivates a vibrant and effective civil society in Israel, amplifying the impact of NIF grants by creating knowledge, tools, and networks for emerging and established social change organizations.

Shatil employs three key strategies to help these groups organize and create change: consulting, training, and convening.

Consulting: Shatil consultants provide tailored assistance to organizations and leaders confronting challenges that range from budgeting to team building, advocating policies to accessing public funding. Shatil has helped thousands of organizations and coalitions achieve their missions, guiding the creation of media strategies, the development of strategic work plans and budgets, and the navigation of crises and transitions. Annually, Shatil provides some 17,000 hours of consulting to over 250 organizations.

Shatil emphasises the strengthening of Palestinian organisations in Israel, aiding them to effectively address the adversities facing their community,

Training activists: Trainings and tools focus on meeting the emergency and longer-term needs of organisations in today’s unstable environment.Shatil’s Center for Policy Change (CPC) works with national, regional and local actors to advance progressive policies, particularly in the areas of democracy, social justice, and equality for all residents of Israel. The CPC assists organizations to work with government officials and legislators, engage the media to raise public awareness, and influence decision-makers to promote tangible change.

Convening organizations: Shatil organizers convene and coordinate working groups of organizations committed in common cause. These Shatil forums facilitate joint action, strengthen working relationships between civil society groups, and provide spaces for innovative planning.

Shatil initiates and facilitates a dozen forums, coalitions, and working groups, which act to promote women’s rights, freedom of expression and assembly, health equity, Jewish-Arab partnership, Bedouin rights, and ending the occupation. Shatil also brings together organizations to collaborate in time of crisis, including around the 2020 threat of West Bank annexation, and the outbreak of intercommunal violence in May 2021.