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Human Rights Awards 2021
Starts: 14 Nov 2021 18:00

Avi Dabush

Avi Dabush has been serving as the Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights (NIF grantee) since May 2019. With Avi at the helm, RHR’s work in the area of social and economic justice has considerably expanded, with a “Citizen’s Rights’” style centre, where members of the public can get advice about debt, benefits, public housing, and more.

Avi is a dynamic and passionate activist and community organiser who is a leading voice on a variety of social, political and environmental issues in Israel. He is a leading advocate for the needs of the periphery and the vulnerable/disempowered with a proven track record of impact.


Shatil, the New Israel Fund’s empowerment and training centre, was established in 1982 to promote democracy, tolerance, and social justice in Israel. Recognising the need for building a strong civil society in Israel, Shatil, Israel’s leading capacity building centre for social change organisations, provides over 1,000 non-profit organisations with consulting and training in organisational development, advocacy, media and public relations, coalition building, resource development and volunteer management each year.